The United Kingdom has lagged behind the productivity of many of its major competitors for years – with British workers producing less per hour than their counterparts in countries such as US, Germany and France.

Indeed, the Office for National Statistics estimates the output per hour worked in the UK was 15.1% below the average for the rest of the G7 advanced economies in 2016.

The causes for this productivity problem are unclear – but there are undoubtedly links between productivity and employee wellbeing.

This webinar will look at how employers can support their employees improve their wellbeing - helping them deal with some of the broader challenges around mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing.

It will also look at how employers can use technology to reach a broader employee audience and assess how technology can help with wider wellbeing issues.

Questions it will ask will include:

  • Are we facing a productivity crisis in the UK? And, if so, to what extent does employee engagement and wellness play a part in this?
  • What are the key trends in wellbeing at the moment? What do you see as most affecting employee wellbeing at the current time – what are the key ‘pain points’?
  • To what extent can a different, broader, more tech-based approach help improve engagement with wellbeing services such as EAPs? Can employers use technology-based solutions to move beyond ‘reactive support’ when it comes to wellbeing?
  • How can employers measure the impact of a more proactive approach to wellbeing?



Jonathan Stapleton

Workplace Savings & Benefits

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Jonathan is editor-in-chief of Professional Pensions and Workplace Savings & Benefits (WSB).

He has over 16 years' experience in journalism, beginning his career writing about capital markets in Russia and East/Central Europe before he started to write about UK occupational pensions and benefits in 2001.

Jonathan has won a number of awards throughout his career – most recently the Society of Pension Professionals’ Journalist of the Year Award 2014 and the Investment Association’s Trade Journalist of the Year Award 2015 – and is holder of the PMI's Retirement Provision Certificate. He has a degree in economics from the University of London.

David Shearman

Well-being Consultant

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David Shearman is an expert in workplace well-being with more than 10 years’ experience managing some of the largest employee support programs in the UK. As Well-being Consultant at LifeWorks, David is specialised on mental-health challenges and the impact that mental illness can have on domestic and multi-national UK-based businesses. David’s focus is on making employee well-being initiatives proactive, rather than reactive, using technology to put access and control of personal well-being in the palm of the hand and help employees live healthy, happy and more productive lives, while at the same time decreasing staff turnover and absence.

Paul Avis

Marketing Director
Canada Life Group Insurance

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Appointed as Sales and Marketing Director in November 2009 but focused solely on Group Insurance Marketing from January 2013. Previously worked at Ceridian (LifeWorks) as Corporate Development Manager, Employ-Mend as Sales and Marketing Director, Legal & General (Group Risk) as Sales Manager, Unum as Senior Sales Consultant and General Accident (now Aviva) as Senior Life Consultant.

Qualified with BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies in 1987, CIM Marketing Diploma in 1994, Diploma in Management Studies (DMS) in 1996 and gained an Henley MBA in 1999.

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