The introduction of Freedom and Choice in 2015 opened up an array of options for members at the point of retirement – not only for those in defined contribution (DC) schemes, but also for those in defined benefit (DB) schemes who may be considering transferring out.

This webinar looks at the area of decision making at retirement and assesses what support employers and pension schemes should be providing their members.

Areas this webinar will look at include how people are currently making at-retirement decisions and what support they are getting at the moment.

It will also look at why such support is important – to ensure members make the right decisions and avoid scams – and how to ensure the right processes are in place to ensure all members can make an informed decision.

The webinar will also look at the issues surrounding providing support to members with a multiple pension pots or a mix of DB and DC provision; assess the challenges around DB pension transfers and also look at some of the concerns surrounding defaults at retirement.



Jonathan Stapleton

Editor-in-chief, Professional Pensions

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Jonathan is editor-in-chief of Professional Pensions and has been reporting on UK occupational pensions since 2001.

He was named IA Pensions Journalist of the Year in 2015, SPP Journalist of the Year in 2014 and 2011 and is holder of the PMI's Retirement Provision Certificate.


Jonathan Watts–Lay

Director, WEALTH at work

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Jonathan Watts-Lay is a Director of WEALTH at work, a specialist provider of financial education and guidance in the workplace supported by regulated advice for individuals - working with a number of the UK’s leading companies and pension schemes to help their employees and members understand their financial situation, particularly with regards to pensions and how to optimise income in retirement.

Jonathan is also a recognised commentator on financial matters, particularly with regard to pensions and retirement and is often quoted in the national and trade press and frequently speaks at roundtable and workshop events.

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